04 Apr

Establishment of Religion is simply a restatement, a distillation, of ancient truths, truths that have been obscured, distorted or obliterated by the accumulation of second tier data. That data includes rituals, symbols, dogma,ecclesiastical structures, holy days and any other supportive material not directly experienced as a transpersonal effect. These secondary materials have been allowed to overwhelm the simple, directly apperceptive truth of a connection to something much, much greater than ourselves. We call that the Universal Intelligence as it is all-encompassing and is both the fountainhead and ultimate repository of Intelligence, the self-conscience organizer of all matter.

Other traditions may call it God, or a formal name of God. It is the Tao or Way of Lao Tsu, and a thousand other terms that attempt to capture the essence of that which underlies all Reality.

Establishment of Religion is a simple turning back to the ground of being in ways that may be fruitfully used in our daily lives. Using the simple and easily understandable standard of non-coercion, honesty in our interactions with others and voluntary association, true religion is training to harmonize ourselves with Universal Law and the spiritual laws that operate in our world through more refined energies than our senses may register. That religion has become alternately a bludgeon, a boring moralizer, a peddler of fantasies, a carnival sideshow or a tool of powerful worldly leaders does not discredit it but only highlights how far it has wandered from home.

We recommend thinking deeply about the essence of religious observance and your commitment to principles that will shape your every action, every thought. That is the kind of life-changing practice that will yield a life of contentment and self-worth for you, and social value to the community and society you are a part of.

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