04 Mar

It seems appropriate to use today, Thanksgiving 2021, as a moment to reflect upon the widely held position among the more literal minded that those who take miraculous occurrences to be otherworldly are just reflecting their ignorance and superstitious biases. In a narrow sense, that conclusion may be true. But at its most fundamental, such dismissal falls far short of logic and underlying truth.

In an esoteric reading of the reality of miracles, we understand that at our present level of profound ignorance, we see the physical veneer of Reality at best. The physical laws of gravitation, electromagnetism, fluid hydraulics, molecular activity etc., are the rules of the road that govern the actions of physical matter. What we call actual miracles are merely the evidence of rules of the road whose sphere of activity lies in a more attenuated condition of Reality. They are as consistent and sure as our senses tell us physical laws are. But because only a small number of humans are able to sense in these higher worlds, we see only the result that baffles our ability to find a cause in the physical. And no wonder, as the cause does not lie in the physical but merely acts in the physical.

It goes without saying the number of humans who can not only sense but control energies at this higher level are far fewer than even the relatively few who can sense in that realm. And so we are left to wonder why one person's prayer isn't answered while another, seemingly less pious individual, is delivered from a difficult fate.

The answer isn't hard to find. The second individual, most likely unconsciously, is controlling these subtle energies in a way that brings about the desired end. They may be persons of strong will and determination, or have a character of supreme confidence that they will prevail through faith. Whatever the mechanism, the end result of bending these impartial higher energies to their goal is accomplished.

Within this schema we find the difference between those who practice black magic and those who practice white magic.  The black magician is the person who operates from the perspective of self-focus regardless of its impact on others. The white magician does the opposite, or at least is as concerned and compassionate for others as for their own welfare. "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." Matthew 22:39

Where does gratitude come into the picture? Gratitude is the path par excellence for developing both the awareness of these energies as well as the ability to harness them for good. Gratitude in its highest expression is an infinite thankfulness for all that is placed before us...as well as our very existence at this moment as we are allowed to participate in Creation. Indeed, we become co-creators but not from an egocentric point of view. Instead, we become an instrument to help re-balance the world. While we of ourselves can do nothing, in some unknowable way we are absolutely necessary to provide the vessel which channels these energies in a positive way. Our participation becomes an integral part of a Universal Regeneration.

As we become more accustomed to acting with gratitude, we no longer are surprised by the seemingly miraculous that may occur with greater frequency in our life as a product of it. We look upon the results as an observer of the action of Universal Intelligence/God acting through us to accomplish that which we are not capable of understanding.

We begin to see such sayings as Jesus' exhortation, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do... " were not metaphorical but given to inspire us to unlock this great potential, residing within every human heart.

The simple minded and uncritical either believe or disbelieve in miracles. If they believe, they think it a random, unknowable lottery with high stakes and no ground rules. The disbelievers have never taken the trouble to understand that the Universe we inhabit is a scene of unimaginable complexity and variety, played out in both the seen and unseen worlds.

The wise man or woman who studies with an open mind and hopeful heart will see the truth lies between. Miracles are the evidence of a Reality we are only dimly aware of, but a Reality that nevertheless is forever inviting us to join in this great Cosmic Play.

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