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  1. Establishment of Religion is a clearly defined system of moral and ethical principles, as offered by CKjr. It is given for our time, while addressing age-old questions of moral action and social responsibility as expressed and experienced in contemporary life. It may be placed within the framework of a constantly evolving understanding of the appropriate role of individuals, collectives, and the mediating institutions of government, commerce, faith and other familiar structures that profoundly touch all human lives.

  2. Establishment of Religion recognizes as its fundamental proposition the centrality of non-coercion in any compact between individuals, and between individuals and social institutions, and the concomitant principle of voluntary association. These bedrock beliefs are the Three Tests of 1.) PEACEFULNESS as expressed through non-coercion; 2.) TRUTHFULNESS as expressed through fully informed and meaningful disclosure, and; 3.) CHOICE as expressed through the right of voluntary association. Together, they form the core of Establishment of Religion teachings, and the reason for its revelation at this critical time in human history.

  3. Establishment of Religion does not claim to be antecedent to, nor superior to, any other religion or spiritual path. Adherents of this path are free to practice any religion or no religion; to be theist, deist, atheist, agnostic, monotheist, polytheist or syncretist. At the same time, it resolutely proclaims itself within the historic tradition of reformist movements, as Jesus was among the Pharisaic class, Gautama Buddha among the Brahmins, Prophet Muhammad, Baháʼu'lláh, Martin Luther and countless others.

  4. While it places the strongest emphasis on non-initiation of coercion or violence, it is not pacifist in nature. It recognizes the ultimate drive within the heart of every living being to assure its own survival, and the moral imperative of self-preservation when that survival is threatened. It further recognizes a profound moral obligation to resist coercion with reasonable compulsion against any aggressor, wherever encountered. Reasonable compulsion is the permitted use of an appropriate level of force to defend or deflect prohibited coercion, aggression, or violence.

  5. It is fully in harmony with such familiar and widely accepted prescriptions as, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If you do not wish for coercion to be used against you, do not do the works of coercion against others. CKjr does not claim any special quality that distinguishes him from other rational human beings, but instead proclaims the uniqueness of the message at this time, a new emergence of old Truths.

  6. This message may be conveyed through aphorism, parable, humor, social commentary, political critique, art form, or any other method that seems appropriate to the labor of engaging an interested hearer in the task of self-examination of personal belief and the adoption of the principles set forth here.

  7. We take this opportunity to reject self-proclaimed authority figures and self-chosen arbiters of moral rectitude. Nor do we accept that our moral conscience or bodily integrity may be compromised by the corrupted expedient of so-called representative voting or administrative fiat. We concede to no one the right to speak for us, unless by our fully informed consent we voluntarily cede that right.

  8. We bring this message as an offering to the world, wherever this message may be heard. It will be given freely at all times and in all places. No material benefit may be exchanged for it, but hearers may, by voluntary consent, provide support through independent underwriting of the costs of any reasonable method of outreach, including publication in print or electronic media. This support is to be regarded as their personal donation of effort and material resources and at no time will any Establishment of Religion entity or person be entitled to accept any gift, donation, tip, compensation, emolument, perquisite or other pecuniary benefit from the sharing of this message. Such awards are to be considered as antithetical to the original intent of the revelation. No material resources are to be held in reserve or accumulated for the purpose of advancing the work.

  9. As we announce the primacy of the message and our ability to independently offer this new understanding without fear or favor, Establishment of Religion will be conducted as a No-Profit Movement. We will not collect funds of any type or apply for favorable tax treatment with any government agency, nor will we be able to provide tax exemption to those who offer their own material support. Establishment of Religion is a body of practitioners bound together by their voluntary association and shared, sincerely held belief in the Three Tests of this path as the touchstone of required duty. We will not incorporate nor petition any secular or religious authority for the privilege of offering the teachings at such times and in such manner as we find most suitable, within reasonable constraint by civil authority when it exercises equal treatment under the law for Establishment of Religion with other groups of similar interest.