Yes it is!
  • As expressed in The Nine Principles: "Establishment of Religion is a clearly defined system of moral and ethical principles, as revealed by Universal Intelligence through CKjr. It is an expression for our time, addressing age-old questions of moral action and social responsibility as experienced in contemporary life." So from a functional perspective, it very definitely is a body of true religious teachings.
  • Are you living the values shared in The Nine Principles, those being PEACEFULNESS, TRUTHFULNESS and CHOICE in all you do, as sincerely held beliefs and to the best of your ability? If the answer to that is "yes", then again, it is truly a religious practice in your life.
Considering yourself to be among the Body of Believers merely means you truthfully and wholeheartedly agree to follow the Three Tests of PEACEFULNESS, TRUTHFULNESS and CHOICE in your life, while allowing the same latitude of belief for others.

Think of it this way: if you are a Christian, you consider yourself to be Roman Catholic, or Greek Orthodox, perhaps Lutheran or Pentecostal or Southern Baptist, or Church of Christ, and so on. You may be a Mormon. If you follow Judaism, you may be Orthodox, Conservative or Reform. If you follow Islam, you may be Sunni or Shia or perhaps are most comfortable identifying as Sufi. These are all variations of the great underlying spiritual ideals that inspired them.

Establishment of Religion should be considered in the same way. You do not renounce any of your previously held beliefs, unless of course you wish to. We have no need of a membership roll or donor list. Your sincere attempt to live the principles espoused here is all the commitment we seek, and all we will ever ask of you.
The notorious Willie Sutton reportedly was asked why he robbed banks. His reply: "Because that's where the money is." Establishment of Religion uses the same reasoning when it comes to government and coercive action: because that's where we find the greatest concentration of violence and corruption.

The assumption here seems to be that religions shouldn't concern themselves with the political sphere. But why assume that?

We believe the political class the world over is greatly in need of what true religion tries to impart: compassion instead of indifference; cooperation instead of the projection of naked power; persuasion instead of coercion; and a healthy appreciation for virtue rather than the mindless pursuit of pelf and privilege.

Further, we believe the sphere of government action is a natural fit for religion's influence. After all, religious inquiry has preoccupied human thought from the earliest days of civilization.

While we respect and appreciate value in the principle of separation of church and state, the fact is today's Church of State  demands unwavering loyalty, blind faith in its goodness, our willingness to allow it unlimited license to punish any and all it finds lacking, and the sole and exclusive right to determine guilt and innocence.

The Church of State is the only church  the parasitic governing class will allow influence in our secular society. It is in their interest to assure there will be no serious questioning of the moral character of our political class as true religion might pose, and no strict calling to account for their actions.

Establishment of Religion refuses to be silenced in our critique of the rot at the heart of our political leadership. As we do not seek tax exemption, we are free to offer our thoughts on any topic we consider worthy of comment, without the censorship IRS rules would impose. That leads us to cast our eyes toward government, a target-rich environment for those seeking an object crying out for fundamental reformation.
Yes, we do. It is titled AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH REGARDING RELIGIOUS BELIEF AND PRACTICE and Demand for Discovery for Any Requirement Infringing on the Free Exercise Thereof. It approaches exemption from the position of the primacy of individual religious belief over all but the most urgent collective needs.

We feel it is appropriate to offer such a document, considering the central role non-coercion holds in our beliefs. We hope it may help to support those who are seeking to avoid the radically coercive mandates to vaccinate currently being attempted.

We suggest reading the prefacing remarks posted just before the document. By doing so, one may have a better understanding of the role such objections play in the overall goals of Establishment of Religion.

You may view and download the document in several print formats here.
CKjr is the Name in Spirit given to a male of American birth who has spent more than 45 years in the pursuit of Truth.  The fruits of that long search are the teachings offered in the Establishment of Religion writings on this website. It is not important to provide more information on the personality of CKjr as it only serves to focus on the person passing along the message rather than on the message itself, where it should be.

The Buddha remarked, "I am only a finger pointing at the moon. Do not mistake the finger for the moon." True paths emphasize the message; personality cults emphasize the messenger.
One of the unique characteristics of Establishment of Religion is that it's brought forth from twin sources. Tanto is a given Name in Spirit that suggests "of or in fullness of life", while it means "so much" in Spanish.

Tanto's contributions are of a friendship with CKjr that goes back decades, brought together by the same spiritual pursuit. He and CKjr have traveled together in Life and it was of no great surprise that their separate journeys would intertwine in a most unusual nexus when the teachings began to unfold.

Tanto wishes to remain in obscurity at this time and focus on providing a vital analytical counterpoint to the stream of teachings from CKjr that at times can be daunting to properly interpret.
Because we live in a society where many people are still operating from the mindset of coercion, fraudulent misrepresentation and actions hostile to voluntary intercourse, Establishment of Religion℠ has a service mark applied to protect the long-term purity of its message, and the no-profit nature of its mission.

While we would prefer not to have to resort to such artifice for enforcing fair play, until the majority of humankind accepts the principles of honesty and true dealings, we must make use of this expedient to achieve the goals that have been set out for us.